Public Policy Committee

Committee chair: Jon Alexander

Committee members: Jon Alexander, Larissa Beck, Brian Begin, Dana Eisfeld, Don Lavin, Heidi Maghan, Danielle Mahoehney & Mike Nelson. There are many other members from outside MN APSE as well.

Committee purpose: To track and influence state (and national) policy on employment for people with disabilities.

Committee’s current strategic objectives: 

  1. Collaborate to drive systems change to better outcomes for employment of people with disabilities
  2. Continue to monitor public policy issues including rates, definitions for services, schools, and data (6790’s)

Conference and Training Committee

Committee chair: Christine Marble & Kristy Howe

Committee members: Christine Marble, Kristy Howe, Danielle Mahoehney, Amber Eisfeld, Mike Nelson & Dominique Berg

Committee purpose: To coordinate trainings and conferences around Minnesota’s needs for employment first information.

Committee’s current strategic objectives: Our goals for 2023 are to:

  1. Hold two regional training events in Greater Minnesota to help advance competitive, integrated employment and support providers developing these services
  2. Hold monthly Lunch & Learn sessions to help direct support professionals provide high quality services

Communications Committee

Committee chair: Dana Eisfeld and Chris Davies

Committee members: Dana Eisfeld, Chris Davies & Connor Zielinksi

Committee purpose: The purpose of the MN APSE communications committee is to help spread the word of Employment First in the state of Minnesota. The committee also supports other state chapter committees get the word out about their ongoing activities and achievements.

Committee’s current strategic objectives: The current strategic objectives of the Communications Committee are to:

  1. Help grow our social media audience by providing regular, meaningful content on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.
  2. Send out e-mail marketing to our contacts at least once a month
  3. Record and post eight podcasts on YouTube and audio-only platforms per year
  4. Collaborate with and support our other state chapter committees

Community Engagement

Committee co-chair: Josh Dean & Larissa Beck

Committee members: Chris Davies, Ellie Wilson, Brian Begin, Kevin Marschal, Eric Ringgenberg, Nicole Rabinowitz, Evan Henspeter, Melinda Shamp, Joani Werner, Fowsia Elmi, Lauri Berner & Raini Knaeble

Committee purpose: The purpose of the Community Engagement Committee is to:

  • Spread the mission of APSE and Employment 1st
  • Provide accurate information to people about employment
  • Engage with the community
  • Help to provide ways to get involved and actively recruit new people to the movement

Committee’s current strategic objectives:

  1. Present and cultivate discussions through community presentations with the following groups:
    1. Job seekers
    2. Businesses
    3. Schools and students
    4. Families
    5. Partnering organizations.
  2. Provide accurate FAQs for businesses, people with disabilities and their families
  3. Get people involved by building connections