In our area, there are limited public transportation options. What can we do?

Waiver transportation providers including taxis, van services and volunteer drivers offer options for people to access their communities and lead fulfilling and productive lives. Resources for transportation services can be found at Further information about key agencies and organizations that provide waiver transportation in Minnesota

can be found in Appendix A: Agency and organization overview on pages 94-96 of this Legislative Report (PDF).

In areas where public transportation is scarce, providers may also work with their local waiver transportation agency or county government to explore potential grant funding or regional partnerships that might be created. Searching out area volunteer driver programs or creating a new one by engaging family, friends and staff is an option for providers seeking to expand transportation opportunities. Depending on the situation, providers might also take other approaches, such as partnering with nearby agencies to rideshare, creating a bicycle-sharing program or asking community members to carpool to community events or activities.

Transportation in rural areas

Transportation to community events and activities can be limited in a rural area. Some providers have purchased their own accessible vehicles. Some providers have used grant funding or volunteer drivers. And some have rented vehicles to increase options for community participation. Where available, providers also use public transportation and bus routes to access community events, as well as agency vehicles, Uber and Lyft.