How can we help people make informed choices about employment?

Providers may help people make informed choices about whether or not to pursue employment by:

Using person-centered practices to discuss the opportunity to work with people regularly discussing the positive outcomes of employment, including meeting people, learning skills and making money.

Helping people to learn about how work will affect their benefits. Resources for people include case workers, Disability Hub MN and Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) counselors.

Supporting people whether they want to seek work or not. If people decide they want to work, they may make informed choices about their next steps by examining their strengths and interests to help identify potential jobs, researching work opportunities and networking to get assistance and learn about job prospects. People may also get help exploring work from family, case managers and providers.

If people decide not to seek employment, providers should routinely review with them their right to work. This practice of periodically returning to the topic allows providers to keep up with changes in people’s needs or preferences.

How can I find a provider that will help me get a job?

There are many types of job supports that are offered by agencies, services providers, and organizations. Personal Assistance Services (PAS), job coaches, and vocational rehabilitation counselors all offer additional supports to people with disabilities to make sure that their transition to work and participation in the workforce is a success.

Apply for Services – Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation

To apply for services from Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation, call or visit a vocational rehabilitation counselor at a Minnesota CareerForce location.

Will there be a job coach with them at all times?

No, in most cases there will not be 1:1 job coaching support. Job coaches will tailor the support needs to the individual, and foster natural supports from their supervisor and co-workers on site.